Baking & Decorating Cakes is fun

Baking and decorating cakes is such a creative, enjoyable and satisfying activity that if a bit of baking can be squeezed into a busy day, it is always worth the effort and beats buying ready-made from a nearby shop. The smell of fresh baking is an added bonus!

The styles and types of cake making and cake decorating today far out weigh the options that were available to our parents’ generation. Cooking facilities were simpler and utensils fewer in number and many simply did not have access to the abundance of creative ideas that are everywhere these days.

CakeDecoratingTo begin with cake decorating equipment is so varied and sophisticated. In the shops now we can readily find different types of mixers and novelty cake tins or plain. Plus our cookers have vastly improved. It is also possible to buy a whole range of decorations that are ready-made such as small sugar decorations and cake toppers and these can be a time-saving complement to our own efforts.

Not only is cake decorating equipment readily available but cakes are baked and decorated for so many different occasions such as christenings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and weddings, and these are known as celebration cakes.

Small and large cupcakes have become very popular for many special events or as party-cakes and with their butter, fondant or royal icing decoration, children love them.

But as any parent will know, cakes can be baked any day just for the sheer enjoyment they give to the family especially to young children, who love to be involved with the preparation and decoration of cakes. Who doesn’t remember, as a child, being allowed to scrape out what remained in the mixing bowl?

And then there are cake decorating books too, which by now must number in the millions. At alone there are currently more than two thousand such books available on any one day. There are books with enticing recipes for all the different types of cakes which are enjoyed today. Most are beautifully illustrated and with their step-by-step instructions bring this wonderful pastime within the reach of most people.

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