Cake Decoration Archive

11 May 2014

Decorating Tips – How to Decorate Cakes

To make beautiful cakes you do not need to become a pastry cook. You simply should know proper techniques and after that practice. Certainly, the appropriate gear will probably be very useful in your cake decorating adventures.
3 May 2014

The Art of Cake Decoration & The Tools Required

The modern style of cake making is a relatively new concept. Cakes have been with us for the past thousand years. In ancient Egypt, cakes were more like the modern day bread that we have. They were
2 May 2014

Cake Decorating Home Business

There are various occasions at home that would require moms to buy a cake for their families and at times for their friends too. However, special cakes can be quite expensive and in this case, moms may
30 Apr 2014

Classic and Unique Custom Cake Toppers

To flaunt the couples’ individual style and their preferences classic and unique custom cake on cakes are now designed in a way that they highlight the creativity of the couple. For every bride, to be walking down
30 Apr 2014

Cake Decorating A Problem No More, Best Solution

Are you a typical housewife trying to impress your family with a cake dessert especially during a special event? Or are you just plainly surprising your family members with cakes? Perhaps are you simply trying out your