Making a Fondant Rose

Fondant roses look great. They have slightly thicker petals than traditional wired sugar flowers that you would see in a floral display on a cake and can give a really good effect depending on the design.

Here is a step by step guide to show you how to make your own fondant roses.

Fondant Rose cupcakeYou will only need a small amount of equipment for these roses:

Fondant (icing) – available in ready to roll packs in supermarkets or ready coloured in sugarcraft shops,
Something to roll out fondant on – a large plastic place mat should be fine for this
Small rolling pin
Foam pad – if you cannot get one from a sugarcraft shop then use the board you roll out on
Large 5/6 petal cutter Small round cutter
Something to tweak your petals (flower/leaf shaper or small paint brush)
Plastic bag (freezer bag)
You can colour your fondant with liquid colour from supermarkets or you will find an extensive range in most sugarcraft shops.

To start with you need to make a large cone as your base for making your flowers on. Roll a large piece of fondant into a ball and then roll one end thinner to make a cone shape. Then slice off the top of the cone to make a flat surface to work on. If you are making lots of roses this cone should last long enough to make them all.

Roll a small cone as the starting point of your rose. Dab a little boiled water on the surface of you large cone and stick the small cone to it.

Roll out your fondant and cut two flowers. Put them to one side and cover them with a plastic bag such as a freezer bag to prevent them drying out.

Cut one strip of fondant app 2cm x 10cm.

Take your strip and run your finger along one edge to smooth and flatten it. Do not use the very tip of your finger as this may tear the fondant. Place your finger flatly on the fondant and pull gently backwards. Your finger should be half on the fondant and half on the foam pad. Brush water along the thicker edge of the fondant. Place your strip just above the top of the small cone and wrap it around the cone. Wrap it around loosely so that the strip has some gaps between each layer. At the end of the strip turn the corner over slightly.

Cut out the centre of the flower and place six of the individual petals on you foam mat (if you have a six petal cutter then you will only need to cut one flower.) Do the same with the edges of the petals as you did with the strip. Use the same method again to tease out three of the petals to make them larger. When you have done this take the three smallest petals and brush a little water on the bottom left hand edge of each one.

Place the first petal just above the strip leaving the part without the water unstuck. Place the second petal just under the unstuck edge of the first petal. Apply the third petal in the same way under the second petal.

The petals will now be overlapping. Apply a little water to the unstuck edges. When sticking these edges down do not pull them too tightly as you want gaps between your strip and first layer of petals. Tweak the petal edges with the shaper tool or paint brush to get a good shape and make a gap between layers.

Repeat this process with the three larger petals ensuring that you place them just above the first layer of petals.

Use a small knife to slice your finished rose off the large cone.You may need to re shape slightly and then put to one side to harden or straight onto your cake if they are going on the top of the cake. If they are going on the side they will need some time to harden.

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