Wedding Cupcake Cakes – Make Your Own

Wedding Cupcakes Cake

Wedding cupcake cakes have become a popular option for bride’s and offer a new twist on the traditional wedding layer cake.

Wedding cakes are almost as important as choosing your wedding dress and bouquet. A bride desires her wedding cake to be admired on the day and in her wedding album, not to mention taste delicious and be talked about for months after.

If cost is an issue and you are looking to stick to a budget for your wedding you may consider the option of making your own wedding cake. This is definitely an option even if you don’t bake yourself as you may have family, friends and favorite Aunt’s who would bake a delicious cake for you.

If you choose to make and/or decorate your own wedding cake then a simple and unique option could be to have a wedding cupcake cake instead of a traditional wedding layer cake.

Cupcake cakes are a stunning option for the following reasons:

Cupcakes are unique and eye-catching especially when displayed in a multi-tier design
Cupcakes allow you to have different flavors and individual decorations depending on your design
Cupcakes are a versatile option as there is no need to cut individual pieces for your guests
If you choose a wedding cupcake tier with a single layer cake on the top then you still have a layer to keep for a special occasion like your first wedding anniversary or your baby’s christening
Just imagine the delight in designing and creating your own wedding cupcake cake, your family and friends will be so impressed it probably won’t be the last wedding cake you make.

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