3 May 2014

Cake Making Using Electric Mixers

Most home bakers have some sort of electric mixer in their kitchen arsenal. Some are hand held and some are stand mixers. Either way, an electric mixer is essential to making cakes. There are surprisingly many different
3 May 2014

The Wedding Cake – Featured Attraction!

As you shop around for wedding cake ideas, keep in mind that this special cake will take center stage (along with the bride and groom) at the wedding reception. Remember, the wedding cake is more than a
3 May 2014

The Art of Cake Decoration & The Tools Required

The modern style of cake making is a relatively new concept. Cakes have been with us for the past thousand years. In ancient Egypt, cakes were more like the modern day bread that we have. They were
3 May 2014

Baking Level Cakes

Baking level cakes is something almost every home baker wants to do, but it seems impossible. It becomes an issue the first time someone unrelated to you is going to eat your cake, or when you are
2 May 2014

Wedding Cupcake Cakes – Make Your Own

Wedding cupcake cakes have become a popular option for bride’s and offer a new twist on the traditional wedding layer cake. Wedding cakes are almost as important as choosing your wedding dress and bouquet. A bride desires