Classic and Unique Custom Cake Toppers

Most-Unique-Wedding-Cake-ToppersTo flaunt the couples’ individual style and their preferences classic and unique custom cake on cakes are now designed in a way that they highlight the creativity of the couple. For every bride, to be walking down the aisle and stepping into the world of dreams is something she always dreams of. Accessories, the gown, and the tiara are all most of the time designed by the modern bride herself. Besides this she also takes on the responsibility of buying favors that match the decor perfectly while adopting a theme for the wedding day.

Add magic to the wedding cake:

The decorative addition on the top of the cake is called the topper, and when it is customized it becomes the custom cake topper. A dual purpose is served by the cake toppers we see in today’s times. To keep in line with the wedding favors and the theme of the wedding they add a touch of class and glamour to the wedding cakes. Wedding cakes differ in size as well as the number of tiers, and it is the custom cake toppers that add magic to the unique wedding cake. Nowadays we see many wedding planners and couples who first choose the toppers and then accordingly decide the theme of the wedding and the gown of the bride.

Wedding cakes that are unique have multi layers of marzipan and with a good amount of icing. They are very elaborately decorated. Custom toppers have always helped in adding good quality to the photographs of the wedding and enhancing the overall look of the cake and as well. But today the unique cake has no longer remained the same. The cakes made with a combination of ice-cream and cake as well as fresh fruit has replaced the rum and plum cake which was made traditionally.

An extension of the couple:

These toppers for the cake are also replicated as car decorations, centre pieces, threshold designs and wedding favors. In the attempt of designing cake both the bride and groom as well as the family spend a lot of quality time together. You can term them as extensions of the couple as well as their lifestyle. Usually, along with a piece of the topmost tier, the unique cake toppers are stored till the first child is born. Wedding cake toppers are now easily available with a number of offline as well as online resources.

In the art of cake making, the classic and unique custom cake toppers are viewed as an absolute essential. You can design a number of fun themed toppers to symbolize anything from a funny representation of the two to a joke shared by the families! toppers have become symbolic of contemporary tastes and times. Common passions, likes and dislikes, teasers, photograph poses, sport and any amount of humor are some of the designs of a custom cake topper. An absolutely abstract idea can also be used to design wedding cakes and wedding toppers. At the wedding the undeniable focus is the cake with the unique cake topper on that delicious cake.

The tier top show pieces we see today are rarely actual unique custom cake topper. Custom cake toppers are the ‘in’ thing today giving couples a chance to display creativity.

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