Wedding Cake Decoration Tips

wedding-cake-5-tips-to-followEvery guest at a wedding looks forward to the wedding cake. The scrumptious, mouth-watering sight of it can be a show stealer at any wedding, and something that every couple must put serious thought into. Of course, the world’s best cake won’t taste half as good if it is not decorated properly, for sight is as important as taste when it comes to food. So here are a few tips to follow for wedding cake decorations:

1. Always know your budget before you set off on your cake hunt. It is very easy to overlook this one crucial aspect in the excitement of a wedding. Most cake shops have hundreds of cake designs and types to choose from with varying prices. Knowing your budget in advance will help you tremendously in picking the best cake for your wedding.

2. The most common wedding cake decoration is “butter cream”. You may have seen it in countless weddings. It looks amazing, but cakes with the ‘butter cream’ decoration tend to spoil very quickly – a big issue if you plan on having a drawn out wedding.

3. A very popular wedding cake decoration these days is the fondant. This is a smooth icing that can be easily molded into different shapes and is perfect for those really intricate cakes you see nowadays. The good thing about fondant decoration is that it can last for hours without spoiling or melting.

4. With modern cake making methods and icing techniques such as the fondant above, there is virtually no limit to your creativity when it comes to wedding cake decorations. You can choose the traditional flowers, vines, etc., or go in a completely different direction with geometric shapes, fairies, human figures, or other inanimate objects. Your cake decoration is really limited only by your imagination, and your cake maker’s skill.

5. Don’t forget the wedding cake topper! This is easily the most personal aspect of a cake, and something that a couple can cherish for years. If you have the budget, get a customized wedding cake topper to add an extra degree of chutzpah to the cake, while retaining a souvenir of the wedding for years and years. Get something that complements the decoration on your cake and improves the overall look of the cake, and your wedding!

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